Row Usage Calculations

I’m stress testing my app to see how many rows of data start slowing it down. But something isn’t making sense.

Usually my app has 3k rows or so. During stress test, I added 25,000. The rows update and show in my data editor, but my “used rows” for billing purposes still shows as around 3k. See screenshot. Note: I’m on the legacy billing account.

Consistent with this “3k” number, I see no change in app speed during the test. But I don’t trust this test.

Since the app is actually live, I simply have the data on an unused Google Sheet. All 25k rows of data are showing in the editor of glide, but not being shown on the front end to users. Nor can users CRUD this data.

-Is there a lag time for Glide’s billing side to recognize new rows for billing purposes?
-In Glide’s backend architecture, does the front end of Glide skip loading rows/sheets which are not used for CRUD purposes or displayed to users anywhere on the app?

If this test succeeds, I’ll consider using Glide to CRUD these rows in new functionality, providing it doesn’t bog the app. I just need a reliable test/answer regarding expansion capacity, so I don’t reach capacity and have to migrate users elsewhere anyways.

Sorry for complexity here. Thanks for any helpers.

This is why. If you don’t use the table in any possible way, then it’s not part of your app. Something as simple as a relation or single value column that uses that table will cause it to be linked to your app.


Thanks @Jeff_Hager Tried Single value, didn’t seem to register in the counter. But added a dummy page with the data and it did. Stress test succeeded at 27,000 rows. No load issues. So great news for Glide! Thanks Jeff!

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