Issue on my app... rows missing

Dear all,

I am working with with a new app in starter plan and I do not understand why I am not seeing all the row from my google sheet…I have around 2000 row, so much below the 5000 limit. I have not met the updates limits…I really do not know what’s the issue

If anybody from glide is reading, this is my support link

Any other suggestion would be very appreciated




Addition…My google sheet has much more than 5000 rows. but the used sheets in the app are below 5000. Once, the unused sheet were not counting…now I do not know…if anyone has any advice…

If a table is referenced in any way by your App, then all rows in that table will be counted.

Quite possibly there are tables being referenced that are adding to your row count that you are unaware of. The way to check for any table is to use the “Find all uses” feature on every column in the table. If none of the columns have any uses, then you can be confident that the table isn’t contributing to your row count.

When you look on your Dashboard, how many rows are shown against the App?

Dear Darren, thanks for your help

On the usage page I have around 1800 rows. I have one unused sheet, and I already checked each column of this with the “find all uses”, but none of them gave me any result.

The unused sheet has around 20000 rows, but on the editore I see only around 3170 rows…

The “very strange” coincidence is that if I make the sum of used rows from usage page and the viewable rows in the editor of the unused sheet the result is around 5000 (5014 now)… :scream:

I would say that unused sheet is counted by the editor (wrongly) and not on used page(correctly)…

any idea??

Can you move that unused sheet out of the Google Spreadsheet altogether, so that Glide doesn’t see it at all?

Unfortunately, I suppose I won’t be able to. I need this sheet for some formula in google sheet…