Only 170 rows used, but it says I'm over the free limit

Following my last post ( Row limit questions - #3 by carmo_euripedes ), I went on to investigate where my high usage was and actually found some relations and screens that aren’t all that necessary for most users right now.
So, I copied the app keeping the link to the same sheet and deleted all but 2 screens that are connected to only one of the sheets, with ~170 rows being used at the moment. Problem is, it still says I’m over my capacity, 570/500…
What’s happening here?

My Support Link: Glide

If a table is referenced in ANYWAY it will count. That includes Relations to other tables. Go through the data editor and make sure only what should be, is being used. Find all uses is your best friend.


But the data left doesn’t have ANY relations at all, that’s what I don’t understand.
The only “glide columns” are literally:

  • 02 Replace All, to change line breaks to <br>
  • 03 Templates
  • 02 If-Then’s for display purposes

That’s it. After deleting everything else (more than 1 week ago), the app is literally a List view!

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Any column, or action will count too… it’s not specific to Glide columns.

If it’s referenced in ANYWAY…

Are there any actions left like an add row? Glide will count the rows of your destination table.

It only adds to itself, and only edits itself. :smiling_face_with_tear:
Since it wouldn’t work, I just finished creating a new identical app and linking it to the same spreadsheet. I literally had both projects open and copied everything down to the letter from one to the other… and the new one works! Counts the rows perfectly. :man_shrugging:

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Glad you figured it out :+1:

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