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Hi everyone,
I have a couple of questions after being away from Glide for 3+ years and also a fews things I never got around to asking, any help/clarification would be much appreciated.

My situation:
I currently have 1 app that I use to make my work more streamlined, since I have to track (and make reports) of the absenses of all employees at the school I work at, along with student and employee information. The free plan’s been great so far, but I’m trying to think ahead already considering it’s limitations for my case (mainly, workarounds for the row count) because it’s not financially possible to go the paid route. With that being said…

… Question time!

  1. Where can I quickly check how many rows my app has already used from the 500 limit?

  2. If my count goes over 500, which rows does the app consider? The first ones in the sheet? The most recently added? Or does it depend on how I choose to sort the data in the app?

  3. Do rows count agains my limit if they are filtered out of the view?

  4. Do they count if I add a row to a sheet through a Glide form but never display that sheet?

4a. If they don’t, I was thinking of making a calendar screen with a form that writes to one sheet but actualy displays a different, filtered version of it in another sheet, hoping that only the filtered one would count. Would that work, or would I just be wasting precious rows?

Since it’s been 3+ years, is your app still in a legacy My Apps folder, or are you using a newer team folder? In the older My Apps folder, I’m not even sure if you can check usage there anymore. However, in new team folder, you can expand the team folder and click on Usage to get details.


If a table is used by your app in any way, then the rows in that table will be counted. It’s seemingly random which tables get priority, but one may have up to 500 rows loaded, and the rest may have at least 10 rows loaded. General rule is, stay under the limit if you want access to all data. Most likely it will be the rows at the top of the table that get loaded. Sorting has no bearing on this.

Yes. First of all, filtering rows does not prevent them from being sent to the user’s device. They are still sent, but just hidden. Only Row Owners will securely protect data…but, that will not affect row count. Like I said above, ALL rows will be counted in a table if the table is used in ANY way by your app.

You are still using the table by adding rows to it, so yes, it is counted.

Refer to above. No that will not work. You are still adding rows to a table that’s used by the app, even if you are not directly displaying data from that table. It’s still be used and has to be loaded on the user’s device.


Thx for the quick response @Jeff_Hager !
The app is new, so no compatibility issues there.
And well, I tried duplicating my project to test row count: I deleted all screens that were using other sheets and left just the 4 that use the same sheet (and show different filtered versions of it), but my usage is 475/500 even though the only sheet being referenced has just 172 rows.
What am I missing here? :neutral_face:

Do you have any relations, lookup, single values, or any other computed columns in your primary table that may be referencing the other tables? Any actions that may be using other tables? When I say “if a table is used in any way”, I mean ANY way. Basically…would your app still function 100% if you deleted those other tables.

If you are not using those other tables, then sometimes it can take a little while for Glide to sync up and recognize that those other tables are not being used.


Ok, I’ll see if I can find any other uses at all, thx again!

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Hi all,
Hi @Jeff_Hager ,

Dear @david
I really need to check how many rows I am using and I have a legacy app…It was a pro app, I paid annually and now I am loosing features…this is not correct.

Can you please let me know at least what’s the count now, or how can I check it? (please do not tell me to go on google sheet and count manually the rows…)

This is my support link: