My App does not load data from my googlesheets

Hey you all!

Last night I had a report from users that the app wasn’t loading any user information.

I’ve checked in the builder, in the data tab, and everything seems ok, and I know that no one has access besides me, so nothing has been changed, however I can’t load the data in app, or even in the builder.

The data that I’m using comes from google sheets, that is not deleted, I can open, I have access, and everything seems as used to be.

In the builder, conditions for data visibility are ok, and I also duplicated several screens to change those visibility criterias and I coulnd’t receive any data in the builder editor.

If someone is experience something similar, or knows the steps to correct this, I’m in need of help!

If you’ve changed absolutely nothing in the app and the data is not displaying anymore, then I would look at the following:

  • Have you had a look at the usage limits of the app in your dashboard?
  • Are you sure that the Google Sheet is still correctly connected? Can you see Google Sheet tables in the data editor? Are changes made in the Google Sheet reflected in the data editor and vice versa?

I also have issues in getting data from GS to Glide.
I have a large set of data +25k rows, I’m on ‘Pro’ plan and under usage limits, so shouldn’t be an issue.
Since yesterday (at least reported by a user yesterday), when opening glide only a restricted set of data are displayed. The latest created data row from specific table / GS sheets are not displayed/available in Glide user, but are available in the data editor. Changes between Data editor and GS works well both ways.
I have tried on several Browser/OS, and I’m not able to figure out the issue. I have tried deleting cache/cookies…
The feeling I have, is that Glide is not able to get all data from GS immediately when opening the app, then it try to get the full, but if there is a new data added then it restart the process.

Are you sure you are under your limits?


Argh you a rigth, I was confused by the ‘Usage page’ of the team in the builder, where the number of rows by app is disyplayed, nothing indicates I’m above row limits. For Users and Updates it is clear but not for rows…

I’ll have to reduce my dataset…

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I know in some cases, Glide has not always strictly enforced certain usage limits, but that can always change. I know for a fact though that at least certain plans will randomly make rows inaccessible if you are over the row count limit. Whether or not they do that for all plans…I don’t know…but it does happen.

Thanks for pointing the issue. Reduced dataset fixed the issue.
I now have to rethink the way I was using the data to keep same features…


Hey Nathanael Boy, thank you for your help.
I’ve seen the usage limits, this particulary app was bellow the limits, but the overall was above 25000 rows for the Pro Legacy that I’m using.

I’ve have removed old apps, and even export some data to bellow the limits.

However it keeps not showing any data. with or without the visibility filters (I duplicated the collection so I could test visibility):

So this issue it’s not closed for me yet…

Something is really odd, 'cause one of the tables is showing data in grey:

While other tables have the data in white, this must be a visual indication that the problem might be in that table. But what problem can it be?

My google sheet is connected, I haver access to the data, however, everytime that I call that sheet, it does not appear anything.

The gray columns are computed columns, and the white ones are basic columns that actually contain data.

Hello David,
I also thought so,
However this is what I got:

NC - Non computed
C - Computed

I’ve moved the app to a new team, payed an extra fee to keep the app separated from the existing ones in the other team, I’ve started to duplicate all the pages, and map everything to a new table that is identical to the previous one, and is already working.
I won’t be charging anything to the school that is using the app, but there was a lot of work involved, and I still don’t know what happen.

Maybe this issue can help someone in the future.

If entire rows are greyed out, that indicates that Row Owners would prevent those rows being loaded to the signed in users device.

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Makes sense…
However I don’t use row owners… so it makes it even more weird.

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