Page - sync pb - table with 65 rows sync only 63

Hey here, i am a new big fan of glide, testing everything that i can.

After a few apps, i am trying the Pages sync with GSheets. The pb is that not all content from the spreadsheet syncs with the glide table. I have read in the forum that a freemium for Page gets your app to sync up to 100 rows, but my spreadsheet only has 65 so far and only sync 63… I am missing some data. There is no other kinda data on any other rows. Is it a bug ? Does it happen to anyone of you ?

Are you counting the column heading row when you say that your sheet has 65 rows?

What’s missing specifically? Is it the very last row or two?

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One thing I have noticed; if you are using filtering on your spreadsheet sometimes new records are added outside the filter and then don’t get synced. If you have filtering in your sheet I suggest you remove it.