Update problem between the Google sheet and glide

for 2 days

I have a big update problem between the Google sheet and glide I can’t understand

I also have a lag in all my charts

I noticed that in the party table I no longer have the refresh icon

could you help me please!!
Thanks you

Hello Lucien, are you sure this is a bug? Are you able to reproduce it? What is not updating between Google Sheet and the Glide Data Editor? Maybe you could share a short video or screenshots explaining what you see and what you expected.

When I enter data in the application it does not necessarily go down in the Google sheet.

The data that is entered in the application is used for calculations in google sheets.
the results of these calculations are then displayed on the form of a graph in the glide

I will notice several things:

the update of calculation data has difficulty being sent back to glide applications

What kinds of calculations are you doing in the google sheet? If you can move that logic into glide, then you would have instant results without having to wait for the sync between glide and google. It looks like you are doing a SUMIF, which could easily be done with possibly an IF column, Relation, and Rollup depending on your particular use case.


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