Refresh glides data

Hi guys!

I am building a uber eat like app. I would like my users to be able to enter their zip code and save it in the user info sheet. If the zip code is ok, they are able to continue the checkout process.

When they press the zip code button, I can see the data updating in google sheet, however, the data are not refreshed in Glide. Why?

I just update to Pro plan and select in the Data section “refresh data while editing or using the app”, and the behavior is the same as before… when users update their profile, the app doesn’t refresh from google sheet.

What is the solution for the force app update?

There will always be a delay in data syncing between the app and the Google Sheets.

Are you performing some sort of calculation or validation of the code in the Google Sheet?

If you are, then the best thing to do is to move that to Glide and do it using computed columns. Then you will get instant results.

No calculation or code validation, just a boolean “is delivery ok?”

I use 2 buttons on my product page on Glide app, one is the stripe “buy button” who appear if “Is delivery ok” is set to true.

I am always stuck with this issue, anyone help?

Can you verify what you mean by this part?

Do you have screenshots that prove that there’s a mismatch?

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I mean when the user chooses a zip code on User Profile page, the zip code appears well on google sheet, user closes the user profile page and go back to the product page, the zip code doesn’t appear, the data is well sent to google sheet but the Glide App not updated, I must refresh my browser for see it on the app side, and it’s not what my customer want.

So if you let them choose the ZIP Code outside of that User Profile tab does the data stick?

@ThinhDinh I made a video for better understanding

As you can see I must refresh my browser to see data appears, why?

So the data does sync but needs a while to sync, is that correct? Is it ok if I create a profile on your app to test?