My app doesn't refresh sheets data when modified through the app

Dear all,

Not sure this is a bug, but data within my app doesn’t refresh when users modify them using the app itself. Quite strange.

To sum up, and I have an editable tab displaying data using basic text and rich text fields.

Users can edit, change, but the changes are not reflected in non edit mode, even after 10 hours.

Same thing when users delete the entries, in edit mode.

I guess it’s a known problem which has a solution, a kinf of user-misunderstanding situation.

Any help or pointer to the solution / explanation is welcome…

Many thanks!

Additional info : most part of my sheets are using ARRAYFORMULA. I took care to not write into the automatically calculated fields when writing data in the app edit mode, or using edit forms.

And problem : when adding new data using edit mode or form, the new data are added with 50 or 60 blank rows between the headers and these data. :confused:

Could this be linked to the refresh issue I have?

Each time the user adds something, extras rows are written? Can you go into further detail what happens in the sheet when records are added/edited? Does the added or edited record look correct?

My first guess is you have an array formula with an incorrect started row number for the range. I’ve had issues where I’ve in inserted the wrong starting row in a range and the formula started loop calculating down several thousand rows.

Would you mind sharing your app, please?

Hi guys,

@Mark : done by pm
@Jeff_Hager :in fact, in my context, the gsheet for which the data don’t refresh is made of only one row (except the headers). And in this tab, data are correct, but not reflected through the app where I still have the old values displayed. Very strange, and no error displayed in the app editor, except that I am informed that I frequently have to refresh data…

Hum, yes… There is an issue with my setup.

I have some users comments in my app, which were correctly added to the comments sheet added by Glide. I removed all comments from this tab, but theyvare still displayed in my app.

So yep, I think there’s no issue with my gsheet. The thing that happened is that the “link” between my app and the gsheet is broken even if I can still edit my gsheet through the Glideaoos dashboard. And there is proba my a kind of data cache on Glide as from the Glide editor, I also see the old data, not the new ones.

So refresh link broken between my app and the gsheet.

Is it resolvable?

It seems you have empty columns in your spreadsheet, which confuses Glide. Please try removing those, that should fix the reloading issues.

I have indeed sheets having 2 tables, separated by empty column. So I understand this is not supported… I will have to rework and redesign my data set, so. Won’t be so easy cause sole tables contains data for app page presentation, which must lot be in a list, and other tables contains lists.

Many thanks for your time tobinvestigate and your explanation @Mark

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Guys, I completely rethink my app, and my new proto is now using all Glide column features available.

And what I have to say is that… It’s just FANTASTIC! :blush::+1:t2:

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