Removed a lot of columns and now i cannot refresh sheet

I am running into a problem when trying to refresh the sheet inside the glide editor…
when i removed a lot of columns to shift things around, now it wont save because the confirmation is too large… any ideas? It could just be my fault for not scaling out the changes inside the sheet… but…

Help! Any other way to refresh the sheet?

Sorry for the blurred out text i hope to share the app with everyone when finished

Can you try duplicating the app and pointing to the same sheet?

Good suggestions but For some reason that does not work because it still asks for me to refresh the sheet…

still giving me the need to refresh the sheet

Could you try zooming out in your browser until you see the confirmation button? :wink:

Hi there! I am having the same issue, I think. I added a new tab in Google sheets and it hasn’t refreshed in the app. It’s been like 4 hours. Is there a max to how many tabs you can have in Google sheets? I currently have 5 (wanted to add a 6th one). Any other ways to refresh other than duplicating the app (because I tried that and I had the same issue in the duplicated one…)

Does the new sheet at least have headings in the first row? Did you try to add a new tab in glide pointing to the new sheet?

Hey guys… what i ended up doing was just rebuild the entire app …i couldn’t figure out a way to refresh in this state so i just went for it…

Yes, the first row has headings. I even have a row of data inputted. I tried to add a new tab in glide, but it doesn’t show… therefore, I am not able to point it to the new sheet.

Here, are a few screenshots: 1) my spreadsheet with the tab titled, “Essentials” with a headings row and a row of data 2) inside the glide app’s tab feature —where you see me looking for the “Essential” that is not currently there

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 3.55.46 PM

…I even tried restoring my spreadsheet from yesterday (before it became unresponsive)… still no luck! Have this happened to anyone else? I really don’t want to but it all over again…

Does the sheet reload button on the left hand side have a yellow triangle? That usually indicates something is not matching between glide and your sheet. There also seems to be some weird issues going on over the past day. I had one with mine where it wouldn’t sync because Glide said a column was missing that a component was referring to. I could see the column in the sheet and the data editor, but I just ended up changing the column that the component referred to, let glide think it was deleting any components that were referring to the missing column, then switch to component back to the original column. It seems like a few bugs were introduced this past week.

For something to try, make a duplicate of your app and see if you can get the new sheet to show up.