Data won't update from Google Sheets

I’ve been trying to update my app with new videos and images each week. The new data will not update in the app. I’ve tried deleting and adding new columns with new titles to minimize redundancies. The data was updated two days ago and still is not showing up.

Thanks for any assistance!

@Breanne_Sebert Could you please share your apps link with me?

I see you have quite a few apps. Some of them stopped loading because your spreadsheet became incompatible with your app. You will need to go to the Builder and reload the data manually in Glide whenever this happens.

It is also possible that Google Sheets somehow became disconnected from the Internet (we have seen this happen before). Please open the sheet on a completely different computer to ensure that the updates you think you saved have truly been saved.

@Breanne_Sebert Please clarify exactly what you mean by “I’ve opened on multiple computers”. I cannot tell if you have opened the app on multiple computers or the sheet on multiple computers.

Our records indicate that this sheet updated on its own a few minutes ago without incident. Could you please share screenshots of your sheet vs the Data Editor?

I see the images but we would have to see where the links are located to see if they are updating.