(URGENT) App just Stopped to update the Google Sheets

Hello People,

My app just stopped to update the google sheets, I don´t know what is going on, I´ve already tried to update many times, but not works.

Please any help?

Best Regards

Hi, have you checked your “Sheet edit” quota? (by rolling-over your mouse below the icon of your app on the top left corner)

You might have run out of edits. DO a search for “Glide boosts”.

Yes, my app is ‘Pro’. It is OK.

When I enter some data in the App it does update de Google Sheet.

I have no idea.

It’s all ok now?

I had to back the backup of the sheet from yestarday, still with issues

Can you make a video of the bug?

One thing I did, I deleted some data and line to clear space in the spreadsheets. I had done this in the previous months and I had no problems

This will be fixed later today.

So there is a bug, right?

Could you please let me know when it been fixed ?

I think I have a similar issue. I was cleaning out some of my test entries, by deleting the rows, and now none of my app entries (including submissions within the app builder view) get saved. I just launched it to my team (my first app) and then got feedback that their edits were disappearing. Help please!

Can you try duplicating the app (and duplicate the spreadsheet as well) to see if the problem persists?

It worked!

But why did it break? I thought it might be due to protecting sheets within the source gsheet, so I removed all the protections. Global chat was fixed (showing up in the gsheet) but the other tabs still don’t record any user submitted data. Quite frustrating.

What am I supposed to do now?

Not sure what made the link break? Did you clear a sheet with any special configurations inside the Editor? Like a row owner or something?

Nothing special that I know of. Only that I used the gsheet protection which I’m assuming caused the issue. I reconnected the old app to the new copy of the sheet and all my teams data, and my many “tests” all loaded into the app and sheet.

It makes me nervous but I appreciate the help!!

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