(URGENT) App just Stopped to update the Google Sheets

Hello People,

My app just stopped to update the google sheets, I don´t know what is going on, I´ve already tried to update many times, but not works.

Please any help?

Best Regards

Hi, have you checked your “Sheet edit” quota? (by rolling-over your mouse below the icon of your app on the top left corner)

You might have run out of edits. DO a search for “Glide boosts”.

Yes, my app is ‘Pro’. It is OK.

When I enter some data in the App it does update de Google Sheet.

I have no idea.

It’s all ok now?

I had to back the backup of the sheet from yestarday, still with issues

Can you make a video of the bug?

One thing I did, I deleted some data and line to clear space in the spreadsheets. I had done this in the previous months and I had no problems

This will be fixed later today.

So there is a bug, right?

Could you please let me know when it been fixed ?