My project is not updating in Google Sheets

I need urgent help, I created a scheduling system for my company. Unfortunately, when a collaborator schedules a service, the service does not go to the Google Sheet, so whenever I schedule it, when I press F5 to refresh the page, the schedule disappears, as it is not registered in the Google spreadsheet.

This did not happen before and it happened this week, I need urgent help because my company needs the scheduling system to work.

Has anything changed with the Google sheet itself? Has ownership changed? Have any permissions changed? Usually when this happens, the Google account that’s linked to your app no longer has permission to edit the sheet.


yes, I see that a lot likely in my apps, very frustrating! some values are not written to GS, or from GS to the editor

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Yes, it happened.

But I fixed it, I went back to the previous ownership, it still doesn’t work.

It’s really frustrating