Failed to Access Spreadsheet

Got an email that my Time Card app couldn’t access the spreadsheet. Any new entries are not being added to the sheet. The app seems to be fine there are no errors. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Have you tried to force a sheet refresh in the app builder?

Yes. No luck.

Could you share your app, please?



This looks like a transient error. We sometimes have trouble with the Google Sheets API. I reloaded manually now, so it should be up-to-date.

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I received an email reporting this error when I woke up and but it was running. Not if, when or how long it was down which is unsettling.

@Mark do you know what would happen to my app if the API broke? I’d like my website monitoring software to log and report this.

If the Google API broke, which it does on occasion, the app would not be able to update the G-sheet, nor the info from the Google Sheet get back to the app. The notification you received was a result of Glide not being able to connect to the sheet. Glide automatically retries, which appears to be what happened with success.

I guess you could periodically utilize Google’s API to access the sheet via some custom code if you wanted to, as some kind of redundant process and report and log it in anyway you wanted.


Thanks @George_B , that’s helpful!

As a first step I am using an integromat scenario to kick off a slack alert to my #DevOps channel when your warning email is received.

If your email is within ~15-30 minutes of the incident, then that should be totally cool.

Hopefully this won’t happen frequently.