"Failed to Access your Spreadsheet"

I requested help with a troubleshooting issue back in September 2020. I know longer need the help but I keep getting emails saying the above error notice. How do I get you to stop sending me these? :slight_smile:

Are you still using the app? If not, you can delete your app.

Is your spreadsheet still connected to the app? If you login to go.glideapps.com, can you refresh your sheet within your app?

The app was for a specific event we held which is now over, but I don’t want to delete the app because it will provide me good information to set up the same type of app next year for our event next year.

Originally, the issue was that when people set “favorites” for events they wanted to attend, the app wasn’t saving it. I discovered that it was because I hadn’t used Key cells or codes or something like that. Once I connected that, the app worked.

The issue now is I keep getting automatic emails from Glide saying they can’t access my spreadsheet. But I don’t need them to fix it anymore so I just want the automatic emails to stop. J



Here is what you can do given you need it once a year:

  1. Make a copy of the app you now have (original).
  2. Delete the original app.
  3. Do not publish the copied app until the event is in sight.
  4. You will not receive any messages from Glide.

We should let you ‘pause’ an app.


Yes, please!

Yes, pause or unpublish button would be useful.

So, I made a duplicate in order to delete the original, but my original is PRO and I get a message that says I need to transfer the upgrade to the copy before I delete the original. I don’t see how to do that.


Gosh! It’s PRO! @david

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