Oh sheet!

My app’s URL: app.zfightersgym.com
What specifically causes the problem with the app unable to reload?
Users are able to add information still; however, I am unable to add columns.
Also, basic columns added in the data tab are undeletable? Only “edit” is given as a choice.

Need help ASAP because I promised my members a new feature by today, and I am unable to provide the feature based on the stability of this platform alone!

Can you try duplicating the app and pointing to the same sheet?

There’s almost 1,000 registered users, my gym members, for this app.
I don’t want to play risk with anything duplicating/deleting an entire app, relocating spreadsheets, URLs, etc.

I really just need a fix and I can’t see how it’s a user error.

Basic columns added in the data tab becomes a part of your Sheet, unless it’s a user specific one. So go to your Sheet, check if it’s there and delete it.

I did that, and nothing happened on the Glide side.

Is this the case?

Update: I couldn’t even duplicate the app.
I have 7,000 rows.
The limit seems to be 25,000; but is there another limit on a technical level not being discussed?

Any chance you have a lot of empty columns or rows in the app? Can you try deleting them?

It’s not getting to a solution here so you can email Glide’s support team for this. Hope it would be resolved.

Emailed support, no response yet.
I am able to create or duplicate apps with other sheets on my Drive.
Unable to duplicate app with this sheet, unable to keep same sheet and duplicate app, unable to create a new app with the sheet. Cannot duplicate app and use another sheet, that option is unavailable.

“Data sync” in the app, replace sheet… I chose a duplicate sheet I created in Drive, clicked replace, and nothing changed.

This really sucks lol

@Mark Can you take a quick look at this case? Thank you.

Sorry I was too late to this. I would have liked to check what’s going on. If it happens again with the same symptoms, please ping me.


@Mark I’m unable to duplicate my app. Can you suggest what I might try?

Do you have a lot of empty rows and columns in your data?

No, and I don’t see and misplaced rows at the bottom of any sheets.
I do see that when I try to duplicate the app and copy the sheet, I’m getting a new sheet in google drive. But I’m still getting the “oh sheet” error message

The only reason I can think of is because you have too much data to be copied over that the copy function times out. How many rows do you have?

There are 591 rows

Then that should not be a huge problem. Please email your support link alongside notes about the problem to support@glideapps.com.

Done. Thanks for helping me trouble shoot

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