My sheet is giving an error on reload

My app’s URL:
When working in my sheet, the reload icon on the left has an error indicator. When I click it I get the following:
Glide cannot sync with your Google Sheet

These columns are missing:

  • People : Name, Role Relation

To resume syncing, restore these columns or remove the features from your app that use them.

I never had a Role Relation column, but I added one to see if the error would go away. It didn’t. I don’t want to lose the work I did (I made edits elsewhere) how can I fix this so that I can move forward?


Did you delete any columns recently?

When I looked at the history I had hidden some at one point, but when I unhid them it was the same error, plus it wasn’t the column it mentioned. Is it possible that ‘relation’ is a function and not an actual column that I messed up?

Have you ever made a relation function in Glide named ‘Role Relation’ that is connected to the Name column?

Can you try duplicating the app to see if the problem persists?

Let me try that. It was just weird, I hadn’t done anything really with relations at the time, I was only updating data, adding columns, etc. None of my edits were related to that, that I could find. If I duplicate it will lose it’s pro features, but I will try. Give me a sec.

Do I choose ‘copy the sheet’ or ‘keep the same sheet’?

Try keeping the same sheet first, and if it doesn’t solve the problem then copy the sheet, in my opinion.

You can transfer pro subscription between apps.

I did not know that. Also, it didn’t fix it under either scenarios. Maybe I just need to roll back manually and jot down everything I changed and redo them after reverting to the version that worked :frowning:

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Hi I am just getting back to this. Do you know if I will lose anything is I just chose Remove Features and Sync here? I have too many edits and the history tab takes forever to load. Is there a way to know to free my app in time?

Glide cannot sync with your Google Sheet

These columns are missing:

  • People : Name, Role Relation

To resume syncing, restore these columns or remove the features from your app that use them.

CancelRemove Features & Sync

Do you still have those columns in your data?

So is People the sheet name, do you have a name column and a role relation column at all?

In my experience, I’ve gotten this warning under two scenarios. One is when manually removing a column from the sheet that was still being used by the app, and another is when using some kind of formula (for example ImportRange), which generates the column, including the header. In the second situation with the formula, sometimes glide will be syncing while the formula in the sheet is running and the column is temporarily not present. In both cases, Glide will see there is a column missing and issue the warning. In my experience, restoring the missing column does not cause Glide to begin syncing again. It’s like it’s stuck and refuses to check the sheet again for the column. In my case, I’ve had to go through the entire app and try to find anywhere the column is used. Then I’ll temporarily reassign the component to a different column. Then I’ll click on reload and let Glide do its delete, hoping I didn’t miss anything and hoping nothing actually gets deleted. Once Glide is syncing again, then I’ll revert any components back to the intended column. It sucks, because there is nothing in the warning to indicate where to look for the affected components. I have so many parts of my app intermingled and it’s scary to let it delete something you had no intention of deleting and may not know where to look for it. The warning does say that restoring the column will fix the issue, but I have yet to see that work. Once a column is seen as missing, even for a minute, the app is DOA until you fix the issue. I’ve even had data loss because the app and sheet couldn’t resync, and data enter by the user disappeared, even though the issue that caused the reload warning resolved itself. I’m now a little more careful to make sure any headers created by some formula or script are actually entered myself manually and the formula is only pulling data into row 2 and below, instead of the headers along with it.

Long story short, your best bet is to find anywhere you may be using any of those column names, temporarily reassign them to a different column, click on reload and cross your fingers nothing actually gets deleted, then revert the components back to their original column. You may have fixed the issue, but Glide is glitched any won’t resync until you let it delete what it thinks it needs to delete.


The column is there, I never removed it. I had a formula that concatenated First Name and Last Name to create Name and display it as one in the profiles. It’s been down so long and every time I login it creates another history so I can’t find the change that would have thrown it for a loop. At one point on the profiles it was throwing the Name as First Name Last Name Last Name. I think it was somehow a duplicate, as it only showed on some screens, so i made the other screens point to Name and it seemed fixed. But perhaps they were both named Name and when I updated that wrong one it freaked it out? I am not sure on that Role Relation column however.

Yes, People is the name of the sheet. My scenario sounds like the formula one. See reply to ThinhDinh below, I’m really scared to lose the data, but at the same time. My data is such a mess that I really need to spend time getting my sheets in a clean format, and figuring out how to automatically add users into the correct areas (which feels like a from scratch thing). I have 50+ new signups that I need to manually configure now and I think I need to figure out how to clean this out before releasing it for use since I can’t edit it without harming existing users (which is why I haven’t released it and I really need to). I have questions on how to best implement and will ask in a separate thread as not to muddy this one. Thanks so much for your insight on this, bottom line, I think I’m going to lose some data or formatting on this one.

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Tell us if we can help with cleaning the sheet in another thread, we’ll try our best to help.

Thank you so much will do

I put my sheet cleanup questions in Spreadsheet magic thread. Sorry it took so long.

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