Keep getting E-mail: Failed to access your spreadsheet

Almost every day now, I keep getting this email about Glide not capable to load sheet!

I have a serious concern about this as soon will go live with the App. How can I troubleshoot this or do I need to contact Support for it?
The few similar posts I found don’t address root_cause of the issue and if the problem will be fixed.


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I get those sometimes.
So far, nothing has happened.
What I do is I clean up my sheet. Delete empty rows, empty columns and empty tabs.
Make the sheet as lean as possible.

Did you delete columns with data or an entire sheet from your spreadsheet? I sometimes see this in my test app when I delete a sheet which I have used as a tab in the app.

I have deleted some columns but not full sheets.

I would make sure the reload button doesn’t have a yellow warning triangle on it. If so, that mean you have something in your app that’s using a column that no longer exists and glide cannot sync the data.

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I got this today morning which is weird but as @Jeff_Hager said make sure you don’t have a yellow mark on the sheet sync

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The reload button didn’t have that yellow flag for long time !!