Failed to access your spreadsheet

Hi everyone!

My name is Sebastian and I write to you from Chile. As of today, everything that is entered through the form does not connect with my Spreadsheet! An email arrived informing me that there was a problem with the connection but they don’t know why. The App is displayed without errors but it saves absolutely nothing of what is done in it.

Urgent help please since it is an App that we occupy at work day by day.

Thanks for the great tool that is Glide.

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I forgot. When I click on “Reload Sheet” I get the following error:

Captura de Pantalla 2020-01-15 a la(s) 11.21.06

Have you change your Google password? If you changed it, disconnect from Glide using your new Google account, then create a new app, even empty. Close it, and reopen your first app, Glide should reconnect with your Google account.

I have not changed the password at all since it is my job, but if I noticed, that upon entering Glide’s “Dashboard” today, he asked me to authorize Glide again. I just logged out and re-logged in with my usual account and AGAIN I ASKED TO AUTHORIZE. Will it be something of the new version of the “Dashboard”?

Obviously I clicked Authorize both times.

Hum OK, you use Gsuite at work. Did you check with your Gsuite admin? Some admin policies may have been set, and may prevent access to Glide…

Update after talking to @SoySebaaa : this was only an issue on staging, and it should be solved now.

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I appreciate your time and help again, especially for someone who is so far away! Greetings from Chile!