Sharing App VS Per User Data

In my app, I’d like to have a tab that is personalized per user (eg. tracking personal spending) VS tab that is public (eg. community resource/chat group)

I’m slightly confused with the sharing your app feature ( VS per user data (

If I share my app with other users, it seems it is in essence duplicating the app? So if I make edits to the original app/spreadsheet, will those edits follow through for other users?

Is it possible to have the per user data tab for active/dynamic tabs?

Thank you

If I share my app with other users

The sharing app with other users check box is just for allowing other users on the glide platform to be able to take a direct copy of your app! This will take a exact copy of the glide app and its related google sheet and place it in their own glide account and it will not be synced with yours BUT remember that the information contained within your app and google sheet if enabled to be shared and copied will be visible to that person. So be careful to allow apps that contain personal/sensitive information to be available for general copy/share app.

Ah! Thanks @ablx

Do you know why certain tabs won’t allow you to add the per user data filter?

You need to select an email column to use the per user features.

Thanks @Jeff_Hager - you’ve shared several solutions to my multiple posts which have been really appreciated. Wondering, are you one of the Glide App experts that I can reach out to for offline consultation?

No, I try to keep my assistance strictly to the forum. Otherwise it would be too much of a time commitment for me with my day job and personal life.

Thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Thanks @Jeff_Hager

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@ablx @Jeff_Hager re: second part of the question, is it possible to have some of the tabs recieve and show unique data per a user ( eg. User upload their daily spending) but have other tabs show communal data (eg. Weekly updated blog)?

I’m also wondering if I share the app, and it duplicates, will a new spreadsheet also be duplicated in my google drive per user?

Thank you!

All of your first points that you have mentioned are indeed possible.

The second point however isn’t. If the app is shared via that method and copied to someone else’s glide account the google sheet will be copied to their own google account for them to edit and use and it will no longer be in sync with the original sheet you created.

This is the case otherwise other users would be able to copy your app and then edit live information within your app.

Hope this helps!

@heymink I just want to make sure we are clear on what you mean by “sharing” the app. Are you trying to share the url so multiple users can use your version of the app, or do you want to share the app as a template, so other Glide users can make a copy in their own Glide account. I feel like we are taking about two different things.