Help & How to

I have created a web application from the Glide apps the features are as follow:

  1. The app is about to recording the golf score

  2. The app uses Google Spreadsheet as data. Most of works are updating to add row is very few

3.The app privacy is Public with email

4.Using Row owner for individual security

  1. When many users use the app the same time How the Glideapps or the Google Cloud handle each user data I am very low educated on API and Cloud Computing

  2. For now at the Glide Pricing START FOR FREE it seems to me that Glideapps does not partition the data for each user so one user can disturb other user data

  3. If I upgrade Glide Pricing up to BUY STARTER or BUY PRO does it help to solve this proplem

  4. Thanks for every suggestions

You can try using this if you don’t want user inputs to overlap each other.