Platform - Multiple users, one spreadsheet base, different projects

Hello all!
I have a Google financial spreadsheet which I would like to use it as a base for a platform, on a SaaS model. Is Glide able to do the following tasks?
• Build an interface based on a Google spreadsheet (with a lot and complexes formulas and links), this interface would collect the users input, then the spreadsheet calculates the information and deliver the results of the project on a webpage.
• Every new user would be able to access and update his own version of the project and cannot see other users’ data/info. I believe this point is critical because I would need to replicate the master Google spreadsheet calculations for each of the users, instead of having one spreadsheet in common for all users.


Yes, possible.

Yes, Glide has a number of Security Features such as Row Owners and Role Based Access that will help achieve this goal. You will most likely need a Private Pro version, as some of the features you’ll need only come with that plan.

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Thanks for your reply @Darren_Murphy, I will take a look at these functions. As I have not started any app set up yet, do you think it would be better to wait the new Glide 2021 update to start my app or does not make any difference?

It won’t make any difference. Although the builder experience is changing, all the underlying functions and components will be the same. You can start using the new builder now, if you want…

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Great, thanks for the help @Darren_Murphy !

Just to be clear, you will still need to have data in one google sheet. You can’t connect the app to multiple google sheets. You can still have data separation with row owners, but all user data will need to be together.

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Thanks @Jeff_Hager . I would have to figure something out how to work with this, the calculations on my spreadsheet are based in just one user data/project, therefore it will show just the project results for one owner / row. I do not know what would happen if multiple users update their data at the same time, as the spreadsheet can only process one project per time. Cheers

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