Dynamically Assign Google Sheet

I have a complex underwriting model, with thousands of calculations per google sheet and multiple tabs/tabs. However, the inputs to this model are set to semi-defaults and the user should only have to input 10-25 inputs. Each sheet can only support one model. I am wondering if glide has the ability, or will in the future, for a glide app to interact with multiple sheets. Ideally, each user would have their own sheet, that way they are not impact other people’s model. I know that we can create a relational tie between users and a set of variables but the math is too complicated to have multiple models on one sheet.

Multiple sheets, yes. But not multiple spreadsheets.
However, there are some tricks you can do with filters and importrange to dynamically move data around between different spreadsheets. @Eric_Penn might be able to speak to that.

That said, have you considered migrating away from Google Sheets to Native Glide Tables?
I have no idea about the complexity of your calculations, but I do know that the Glide Data Editor is incredibly powerful. It’s very rare to find something that can be done in a Google Sheet that can’t be done in the Glide Data Editor. One of the advantages of switching to native tables is that you can take advantage of User Specific Columns to avoid the issue of users interfering with each others data input. Another very big plus is that because all calculations would take place locally on each users device, results would be instant - as opposed to the sync delay (and poor user experience) you get when running calculations in a Google Sheet.

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Interesting thoughts, how would i handle that I would give this app out to users with an undefined amount of calculators (ie each new user would be given a calculator). Its too bad that glide doesnt have the ability to source sheet templates dynamically, this would open up the app to use cases that would be extremely attractive.

How do you define a calculator in this context?
That’s not clear to me.

I have an underwriting model that intakes a property address and other variables like purchase price and outputs things like amortization schedules, detailed proformas, etc. I would like to use glide as the front end for this calculator. However, I want to give this calculator out to my customers so that each customer can have their own calculator. Would I just have to make a copy of the calculator app? Is that possible?

So the calculator exists as a Google Spreadsheet?

Yes, what you could do is create a base template in Glide, and then duplicate that over and over again. You just need to choose the “Copy the sheet” option when duplicating, and you’ll get a new App that’s attached to an independent copy of the original Google Spreadsheet.

But that’s quite a bit of work. If it was me, I’d be wanting to create a single App that I give to all users, and then just keep each users data isolated. Glide provides the tools and features to facilitate that.

I agree with you, I think I am just confused on how I could possibly handle multiple calculators on one sheet, as the sheet is already almost tapped out in terms of computing power

Yeah, well as I said, my advice would be to explore the option of moving it all to native tables, and get rid of the Google Spreadsheet.