One app, different google sheet tabs for same data set?

H everyone,

I was wondering if the following combination of tasks would be possible in glide:

  1. Each user having one exclusive tab for their data.
    Say for eg, I would like to collect certain metrics on a group of people but I do not want it to appear as one line item below the other. Rather, I’d like the information from one individual to be going to one sheet where I have all their data, and would like the same format for all the individuals for whom I’d be collecting similar metrics.

Is there a reason why the data has to be on separate sheet tabs for each user? That would be very hard to set up and scale for multiple users. You would have to design and configure the app screens for every single sheet tab instead of doing it once with a single sheet tab. If you added more users, you would have to go into the builder and configure screens for each user every single time there is a new user instead of just letting users use the app properly configured to write to a single sheet tab. If it absolutely has to be done then you would be better off writing all data to a single sheet and then handle the splitting into separate sheet tabs on the sheet side.


There isn’t any absolutely specific reason. I was just wondering about the possibilities.

Now that you mention it, it does sound like a tedious process to make multiple sheets. I guess I will settle for getting it all in one location and then splitting it into different sheets.

Thanks for the information!

If you do that, then everything that @Jeff_Hager said still applies. You’ll be creating an awful lot of work for yourself, and once you get more than a handful of users your app will be almost unmaintainable.

If it’s essentially the same set of data attributes (columns) for all users, then you almost certainly should be keeping it all in the same sheet/table. If you’re worried about data from multiple users being mixed in the same table, then don’t. Glide provides standard methods to deal with that.