Multiple Sheets in one app

History: As we are working on Building the sales, a user is working on multiple google sheets for multiple projects.

Goal: We want to show data of all sheets in glide app and common calendar for all sheets.

How to do this?

@Adviuz Have you experimented with the importrange() function in Google Sheets or looked into Sheetgo?

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Good evening. Quick question.

I understand the importrange function however my issue is that my sheet is reaching the max number of tabs (200) and I need to start a new sheet however I need both to be read by the same app I have created. Is that possible?

Unfortunately that’s not possible, only one source data can be specified.

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Can you explain why you have so many sheet tabs? Would it be better to restructure your data?


We have a courier service and each customer has his own sheet and with increasing customers we are reaching the limit

Is there any way you can structure all customers into one customer sheet? If done correctly, they would only see their own data and you could add customers without the need to go into the glide editor each time to add and design a new tab. In my opinion, similar data in a database should be grouped together to allow for scaled growth without having to make changes to the app interface.


That’s what we do now for a very big app. Have a company wall well built can let us scale well.

I have a company column in my user profiles and bring it everywhere else using lookups so that I can set the right filters/visibility conditions on other tabs.

It’s not easy but if you spend enough time it will work.