Two Googlesheet files for the same application

Hello everyone, I have a quick question. I have an application on glide the database comes from googlesheet. I can connect another Google Sheet file to this application to use the two data bases at the same time in the same application.
Thanks for your help

You can only have one Google Spreadsheet connected, but you can have multiple sheets in that spreadsheet.

If you want to include data from a separate spreadsheet, one option is to use the IMPORTRANGE function.

IMPORTRANGE is the problem. Right now I’m using the IMPORTRANGE function to get around the problem. but IMPORTRANGE does not work correctly all day there is an error message (Internal error of the import range) this impacts glide which blocks synchronization.

can be big tables. might be a solution. but big tables does not synchronize the data after import

I had this problem. My solution is to write column names in row 1.
And importrange (or query) start from cell A2 without headings so columns are always in place and sync error not appear.

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I will try this solution and let you know if it works.

Alexey’s solution would work. Glide expects static headers, and importrange with the header in place would make it unstable, thus returning errors.

Imagine Glide trying to sync the data back when an importrange function is also “at work”, there would be conflicts on the header, they might look empty to Glide.