Probème de synchronisation google sheets et Glide

With a friend, we built an app to monitor the daily fitness of players at a rugby training center.
We use the free version of Glide.
Players enter a Tally form which is connected to a googlesheet updated daily.
This same Googlesheet is then filtered to have less than 500 rows.

Data from the application’s source Googlesheet is imported via the IMPORTRANGE function.

For around ten days, synchronization has not taken place with Glide and we have had to do it manually.

Is this due to the IMPORTRANGE function?

Thanks for your help

It might have something to do with it, but if your Tally form responses sheet is the sheet you’re connecting to Glide then I think using a QUERY formula would be an alternative to try.

Thank you ThinhDinh, I try. I will give you the result !

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