Adding second google sheet

I started my app with a Google sheet and now have moved onto almost fully using glide table, including new user signing up.

Now I have a need to process data coming from another Googlesheet. Instead of copying this sheet into my old sheet, I want to just have access to the new sheet as it is managed by someone else.

How can I link this new Googlesheet into my current APP?


The easiest way is with IMPORTRANGE


Do you want to bring data into your existing Google sheet, or just change the source sheet of the app?

the GS is managed by another person and will be updated on monthly basis. I will use one of my existing app to pull in data and process as required. I do not wish to copy the data over every month so I want to process at source.

Neither method mentioned above would require you to manually copy data. It wasn’t clear to me if you wanted to use an import formula to automatically have the data, and any updates, pulled into your existing sheet or if you wanted to have your app directly point to that other sheet instead of the existing sheet. Either way, you wouldn’t have to manually copy anything.

Now I have updated my APP to only use Glide Table. So this new request comes in to process data from a Google sheet. What is best practice, keeping in mind GS will be updated monthly. Thanks

Either method above will allow you access to the data in your app.

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ok. I have read and see how to do it…so in this case, if I change the GS, it will not impact the users profile or the way Users have been signing-in right? my app is LIVE so i am being extremely cautious :rofl:

I would maybe make a duplicate copy and try it on the duplicate first, but if you’ve converted everything to glide tables already and aren’t currently using the google sheet for anything in your app, then I don’t think it would cause any problems to switch the sheet source.

thanks. Making duplicate and testing out would be best :+1:

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