Can tabs within an app read from different google sheet files?

Sometimes, an app needs to read data from two different files.
One way, of course, is to copy (no desired as this is too manual of a process) or link but linking between google sheets requires the source to be open. ideally, tab 1 of the app read from worksheet A of file X and tab 2 of the same app reads fro worksheet B of file Y. This way, we can have common data across apps reside in one common google sheet and we don’t need to duplicate or link data.
Is this feature available? can we submit a new feature request if not?

Try IMPORTRANGE so that the data from the 2nd sheet can be automatically taken to the 1st sheet, I think that’s the only way.

Thanks ThinhDinh. Unfortunately, IMPORTRANGE requires source file to be always open for it to take live effect into the destination file!

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Not sure it would help, but I found some discussions about IMPORTRANGE here. It’s not ideal if you have to update the sharing settings, but maybe you can try the locale approach or the recalculation settings.

This largely depends on what you are trying to do. Yes you can display data from multiple sheets on a single tab, but how it’s done largely depends on what you want.

I have one sheet for company’s directory information (companies, main, supplier or customer, contact information related to each company, employees, etc.). I have APP_1 that needs to be linked to Customers, APP_2 needs to be linked to suppliers, and for APP_3, one tab needs to access employees data and another tab to access customers. IMPORTRANGE is not reliable.

Thanks - will research more into that front as well.

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Just to be clear…are you talking about multiple sheet tabs within the same spreadsheet, or entirely different spreadsheets? I’m thinking the later, so I must have misunderstood. In that case, no, glide can only link to one spreadsheet. Can I ask why you wouldn’t put all the data into one spreadsheet and then create the three apps off of the same spreadsheet? Also…very much depending on your app flow…a lot of this could be built into one single app where you assign roles to each user and then they can only see certain data in the app. There are a few limitations with that, but that depends on your app flow.

Each app has its own tabs (per its required workflow) - but all of them need such “directory” data. So, adding additional tabs into each app sheet will require manual data maintenance for all of them every time there is a change or update of information in this directory. Doing more research towards connecting google sheets into DBs (using BCP, stack flow, or google apps script. But this requires re-diving back into programming & scripting which I abandoned many years ago :slight_smile:

Then I would recommend creating 3 apps all pointing to the same sheet. That way all updates to data are shared among all 3 without having to figure out how to move data between separate spreadsheets.

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I am not sure this will be practical as (1) such sheet will huge and (2) filled with data not related to each other (each app is at least 10 tabs ) since workflow of each app is totally different ! Only thing common between them is they use same directory.

It will add great flexibility to glide platform of tabs for single app can read point to different google sheets. Something to consider a a new feature request.

Right now, a Glide app can connect (i.e. pull it’s data from) to one Google spreadsheet only and to its (possibly) multiple worksheets (also called sheets or tabs for short).

To be clear on the terminology used: as well explained by Zapier here, your spreadsheet is “the entire document containing your worksheets”.

As a note, you seem to be addressing the usual situation of having to connect data from different tables. Each table describes a different object: customers, supplies, employees, etc. Glide addresses this by requiring that each worksheet (sheet, tab) represent a table. In your case, each table seems to reside in a different spreadsheet (document) altogether.

You can make feature requests here.

I have “data” in one file that’s needed for x other files (x apps). each of x apps has its own workflow. The “common” file is 5 tabs (sheets) already. So, if I there is no way to have any of these x apps read data of this file, I have to manually maintain 5 tabs multiplied by x files every time such common data gets updated. Not practical at all.

Ideally, and hence my request for a new feature is to expand glide to be able to have one App read from two files. Problem solved. Else, I need to develop back-door scripts to sync between sheets and a database of some sort.

This might not be helpful to your specific use case, but it might be useful to others reading:

One Glide app can connect to one spreadsheet only and to its multiple worksheets.

One spreadsheet and its multiple worksheets can connect (i.e. be the source of data) to multiple Glide apps.

Check out Sheetgo. It looks like you can set up a 2 way sync of your spreadsheet. I’ve not done it yet, but it looks promising.

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Thank you Tim :+1:

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