Multiple google sheet as source


Is it possible to add more than 1 google sheet as a source?
Or do we have to work on the same one and create different tabs?

Thanks :slight_smile: Deb

You must do it on one source only. May we know what’s your use case here?

Hi @ThinhDinh !
Ok no worries, I was trying to add workout for my clients but each workout is different for each client. So instead of having all workouts on the same file as the rest of my app content, I would have used different files :slight_smile:

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Use one sheet for all workouts, just add a new column for the client name so each workout is linked to a client.

This column can then be used for creating relations/filters/row owners so that it’s seen only to the client you want to show it too.

That way you won’t need multiple sheets/apps.