Glide to google sheets

is this a mistake?
I need to create another Google Sheets table but it won’t let me, why is this?
I already have a Google Sheets table, can I only use one?

another subject:
I save the data from my glide app in glide tables, but I need some columns from some tables to be taken to a Google Sheet table, can it be done from glide without the need for another tool or application? Thanks in advance!

I have a website in wordpress and I need to show some of that data on the website. Thanks!

Currently you can only connect to a single Google Sheet per app.

Actually, you can merge other GSheets tables into your master G.Sheets via the importrange formula.

This cannot be done without a trigger. You can write data to G. Sheets tables along with adding or changing data in Glide.

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Make sure you have the headers as static if you want to go this way. Only import the data (from row 2 onwards).

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You can have as many Google Sheets tables as you want, but you can only connect a single Google Spreadsheet to a Glide App. If you want additional Google Sheets tables, create them as new sheets in your existing connected spreadsheet, then they will appear in the Glide Data Editor.

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