Best way to "bring in" data from other spreadsheets

I am building an event app. I originally only intended to use the multiple tabs on one google sheet. However, presenters have their own sheets with info I would like to show. What is the best way to use multiple sheets in one app?

You could use an IMPORTRANGE formula to create new tabs in your main Sheet that would pull in data from the others’ sheets into their own tabs of your main Sheet. Either that, or provide access to your sheet through the Sharing options in Google Sheets and the others can make their own tabs directly from your main sheet.

I am not sure that would be dynamic. Wouldn’t that just be a snapshot of the data at the time it was taken?

An IMPORTRANGE should update itself automatically when used. I don’t know what the delay would be when it’s used in conjunction with a Glide app, but it shouldn’t be any more significant than the usual Google Sheets delay.

Thanks. I’ll try that and report back.

I was just researching the same and came across this…

IMPORTRANGE works quite well when your source data has a fixed set of columns that don’t/wont change. If that’s not the case, then it’s risky and subject to breakage.

I use IMPORTRANGE generally only when the source sheets are under my control and so I can guarantee there won’t be any nasty surprises.

For anything else (ie. “untrusted” data sources) I find it safer to write import scripts with appropriate exception handling.

It did do what I needed it to do.

Thank you.

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