I have a question about users in 1 app

so if I want to make an app for the teachers, lets say it will feature the attendance for it’s advisory class, create notes and reminders for its tasks/assignments he/she assigned to the students of his/her advisory. how can I use the same app for other user but will have their own unique data, like whatever user A inputs or edits in the app, the user B will not see it and she or he will have their own advisory class data for their respective students. thank you for whoever will answer. not good in english

Hi Carlot, There are different ways to display the data. One way is to save the data by the user in the user table (so you need to create new column for each, example notes, reminders) and when display that data you can limit the view to the same user. Another way is to build a new table with the following field (use email, date/time/ and other for example notes, or reminders), and on the display screen you can filter by current user matching the user email field. Hope this helps

Correct. Either filter a screen/list by signed in user (assuming teacher’s email is in the data set) or use row owners.

This may help:

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