My app’s URL: https://mybodyprogram.glideapp.io/
when someone log in my app its put his email address in 2 sheets, one is the normal: “App: Logins”
and the second one is my “Clients Details” and its makes some bugs because it’s an empty row with only email.
someone maybe know why it’s happening?
i don’t want it to get into my “Clients Details” sheet.
thanks (:slight_smile:

It sounds like you’ve assigned the Client details sheet as your User Profiles sheet. When you use the User Profiles functionality, the users’ email is logged in a separate sheet that is defined by the app creator by clicking on the “sign in” menu button in the Glide Data Editor.

Is there a reason you don’t want the emails to be in this sheet? User Profiles adds some pretty useful filtering options for apps.

The problem is that I have a form that the clients need to fill, that goes into the “Clients Details” sheet
so I have 2 rows for every client, the first is only email address and the second is all the details that I really need.

You need to pick one or the other. Either disable User Profiles (I wouldn’t recommend due to the useful features it provides), or don’t use a form and instead make them edit the existing row that the user profiles feature created for you. That is how it was designed to work.


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how can i let them edit the existing row that the user profiles feature created for me?
thank you very much all of you for the help!

Depends on the flow you want. It can be a filtered profile tab with entry components on a details style layout screen, or you can enable editing to have the edit pencil show up, or you can have a link to screen button set up with the same type of options as I explained for a tab. It wouldn’t be any different from how you would enable editing on any other data in your app.

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thank you!

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