Login email not going to profile sheet

Hi! I have 2 apps that use the same sheets (the apps talk to each other). I have a profile tab for User1 and another profile tab for User2. Whenever anyone logs in, the email is populated in the App:Logins programmed by Glide. The email also populates in the User1 profile tab when logging into app #1. But when logging into app #2, the email doesn’t populate into the User2 profile tab and it doesn’t even appear in the User1 tab. Anyone know how to fix this? TIA!

Make sure you have set up user profiles on the second app. The video in this post should help.

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Yes, you have to select the tab where the user is stored by clicking on the user profile in the menu (as seen in Robert video at 0:44s)


That worked! Thanks!

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@Jeff_Hager I have one last thing and I promise, I’ll leave you alone. You’ve just been so helpful! I’m going to post it in Bugs so others can search it.

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