Users Details go to login info only not to users profile!

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I am Salem from Saudi Arabia :saudi_arabia:

I have recently created my app which is basically a dictionary-like one. I set up user profile so whenever signs in, their name, email addresses and images go directly to user profile tab on Google sheet. Today I found out that whoever logs in, new user for example, goes to login info tab only! It doesn’t go to user profile anymore! I checked register option in glide menu to make sure that these data go to user profile and signed in option, all good except nothing goes to user profile anymore! Any idea of how to solve such an issue?

Thank you in advance!

You should only be concern when a new user email doesn’t go into your user profiles sheet, because already added ones won’t generate a new row anymore, and only show up in the Apps: Login sheet.

Can you verify that those new emails don’t go into row 501 or 1001? Scroll way down in your profiles sheet to check.

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Thank you for your reply!
Yes I just figured their names went all the way down to rows 102,103,104 and 105 despite on top I have only 15 rows. Why did those rows go all the way down? How to fix such a thing?

You should delete all the empty rows from your sheet to prevent that from happening again.

I did multiple times but still!

For example, few minutes ago I deleted all empty rows then logged in using temp email. When I checked user profile sheet, I found it all the way down in 2103 row! Every time I keep deleting empty ones I find emails get even further!

The thing is: I need these names and emails submitted to user profile right after logging in for countif purposes as I am counting how many words submitted by each user and based on that I create a progress bar to be shown in my profile on Glide. I tried to create another tab named “Unique” and used Unique function to sort out user names with total words and worked. When I tried to add this tab to my profile it didn’t work since the names in User Profile tab keeps moving all the way down!

Any solution! Thank you

Do you have any arrayformulas in your user profiles sheet?

Yes I have. Here is what I would like to have.

Objective: having a progress bar in my profile on Glide. This bar should be based on how many words added by each user. For example, once I sign in, it shows me my photo, major ec (All set) and how many words added showing in the bar (that’s what I want).

I have three tabs.

  1. User Profile Tab ( where I want total words per user to be added to be visible in my profile).
  2. Vocab Tab: shows all vocabs added by users including their names and words. Their names are in column E2 downward.
  3. Unique Tab: using unique function for names in user profile.

Formulas I am using:

  1. Name is Column A in user profile. therefore, in Unique tab I used: =Unique(User Profile!A2:A).
  2. To count words per user in unique tab, I created a column in user profile named “Total Words” and used this formula:
    =ARRAYFORMULA(IF(Vocab!E2:E="","",IF(Unique!A2:A="","",COUNTIFS(Vocab!E2:E,Unique!A2:A)))) and worked perfect.

The only issue is this: since names in User Profile keep moving down, the array formula doesn’t understand it right, it keeps typing correct number of words consequently in the same column while the name of the user who added the word is all the way down, you could say total words and other columns get separated.

If there is any other way around to count how many words added per user in Vocab tab for each unique user in Unique tab?

You can use relations & rollups inside Glide to count that, providing you have the email of the user with the words submitted in the sheet.

Yes I have made it on glide before but the thing is, progress bar in glide doesn’t recognize rollups columns! The type of the column should be a number in order to be represented in the progress bar and when I type it in google sheet it recognizes it immediately!

If you can provide me a way of relation and method to create then get converted to a number column?

I’m not aware of the fact that progress bars can’t use rollups, but you can use a math column, point to that rollup and probably progress bars can read the new one.

It worked as previous ones. The bar still can’t read new users when they log in even in Data editor the data of new users goes all the way down which makes it hard to read by the bar. I tried to link user name or email using all methods I’ve known so far with no results!

When I created a new tab for progression, the bar shows up but even though I can’t make user specific in progression tab since I have no emails there except unique values. I tried to filter it out for signed in users instead of all and didn’t work.

If I add a column named Email Address next to each unique name in the Unique tab, Which function should I use to grab the email from User profile tab to Email address in Unique tab?

How does a new profile go all the way down in the data editor? Can you share some screenshots?

This is so perfect in Unique Tab in Editor

Right here you can see the issue! last two names in Unique tab in Glide editor, I shared previously are perfect, next to each other. But in these screenshots you can see they are located in User tab in Editor, total words and user names are separated.
Here is the issue!

Looks like your boolean column is writing it all the way down to the bottom of the sheet. What is your formula for it?

This sounds oddly familiar to this issue where a sheet was creating multiple extra rows when using UNIQUE to fill the sheet and there was validation applied to the column.

I have two boolean columns. First one is for “Profile” if it is “done” or “not” named “Profile Done” and it extracts the data from Data Editor.

Second one is access level (whether a teacher or not) which I need to provide teachers different access to correct words and this is Data validated column in google sheet, you can say.

If it is because of boolean column, why total words column stick to the rules and the rest gets separated all the down although Unique Tab in Editor and Sheet still reads them perfectly despite this error!

Hello Jeff,
Well, unique function works totally fine with me in a different tab named “Unique” used for sorting out all user names in User tab from A2:A and works perfect. I have no unique function in User profile. If you meant that you saw Unique in the formula, that’s the name of the tab where I arrayformula gets the data from. Seems really hard issue to solve! is it a bug?

If you are saying that my app has been created by April which makes it work this way! it is a recent one I just created it a month ago more or less but not longer than 2 months!

I don’t know, we may need to back up a few steps because it feels like we are creating new problems. I really see no reason for the Unique Tab and I think we need to figure out why your User Profile tab is adding the extra rows. You say that you are using user profiles and when a new user signs in, it creates a new row, but all the way at the bottom of the sheet, correct? You’ve also said that you are deleting the extra rows, but you still have the problem. Are you deleting rows, or just clearing them? Could you provide screenshots from the google sheet to show what it looks like after you have deleted the empty rows and then after the extra rows are added back and the new row is placed at the bottom of the sheet?

Also another thing to try would be to duplicate the app and select to copy the sheet. Also would you be able to provide a copy of the app without any personal data and the copy option selected, so we could copy it and see how it’s set up?

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I almost feel depressed that I can’t achieve what I want! I did both, deletion and clearing with no results. I also found another issue, Data Validation is always on! I tried to remove it to test my formulas and didn’t work. I need the unique tab because it sorts out names for me! For example, one user always submits more than 5 words a day! I don’t want to have its name 5 times in 5 rows. Instead, I used Unique function to avoid duplicates.

Here is what I want,

I attached herewith two screenshots representing two tabs separately:

  1. Tab one named “Unique” which has all user profiles.
    Unique Tab

  2. Tab two named “Vocab” where all vocabs submitted by users.
    Vocab Tab

I need to calculate how many words in “Vocab” tab submitted by each user in “Unique” tab and added it to Unique tab so it shows each user a progress bar on Glide. For example, if you check “Vocab” tab, you will see a user named Tweety, she submitted almost 9 words. I ran Countif and Countifs function but none of them worked whether with array formula or not. I also did match and index and they worked but they are not supported by Arrayformula therefore I cancelled them.

If there is any method where I can run it in Data Editor instead?