HELP please: User account creation not writing to existing email

I followed the Intsagram tutorial for account creation, and applied the same format to my app. It was working for a long time. Then later on when I tested sign up, after “account creation” which is really the user filling in their missing details since we add their email in the Users sheets Tab when they first sign into the app, instead of the details writing to the correct row with the existing email, it creates a new row with the same email, creating redundant profiles which will obviously not work.

Anyone run into this problem? I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

The place I launch the account sign up is a Form Button from a Details page which is based on the Users sheets tab, filtered by Signed In User.

In other words: What would cause a form to ignore the existing user email and write to a new row instead?

Hello @ray_d, take a look in this post. Glide added some new features recently, and I think this one can help you to understand how login and profile pages is working.

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