Manually adding user accounts and avoiding duplicates

Hello everyone !
I am creating an app to help farmers sell their cereal to a broker (client is the broker).
My client has given me their client contacts that I want to input into the user base, so that :

  • An existing client will have the complex info already filled in (tax number, etc…)
  • A new client will need to fill it in

I ran some tests (manually inputting a row in my spreadsheet with an email, and then signing up with that email), and Glide doesn’t match the existing row with the new signup, and recreates a signup.
I did setup the user data to the correct fields

What am I missing?

Thanks for the help!

It should.
1.) make sure user profiles are set up correctly
2.) make sure email was entered using lowercase letters and no whitespace
3.) only works for pro apps. Free apps will write an anonymous email address to the user profile sheet and thus fail to make the match.

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Hi Mathieu, I’m building my first Glide app and I’m experiencing the same thing as I try to develop the workflow. You need to create a dummy account for testing, and instead of starting from the signup page, you’re adding the email to the Glide table or Google sheet. When you submit the completed profile a new row is added, instead of completing the row that includes the email you entered manually, and then Glide auto-populates the fields in the original row, so you have two rows with the same user.

Either there’s something we’re missing, or it seems there needs to be a better way to create dummy accounts during app development.

Hey @BlakeWS
Yes, that’s exactly the issue I have.
After a couple hours of trying different things, here is what I found that solved it :

Add the dummy account info in your Gsheet
Go to Glide and refresh the spreadsheet and wait for the data to appear
Test in incognito by creating a new account
Somehow this worked for me a couple times. Probably linked to a delay in data update between Gsheets and Glide

Thanks @Robert_Petitto also for the help!

For the dummy accounts you’re creating are you using a real email address that you control? I’d like to bypass the requirement to get an email with a pin, as it’s not necessary in the testing phase.

Edit: I have a Pro app with “Public with email” sign-in.
Edit 2: Maybe in the “Viewing as” selector you could manually enter a dummy email to create a new profile, and then be viewing as that user to get started at the step past the email and pin entry screens.

I’m using a (very useful) Gmail tip. You can add +whatever you want after your username and before the and it will get to the same email address

for example and will both flow into your mailbox

Here you go for infinite email accounts :wink:

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Aaah, I forgot about that Gmail feature. I used it in my business some years ago. Thanks!

I still stand by my statement below, I don’t need those extra signup steps as I’m testing users dozens of times while developing the app.

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