User created within my app does not appear in database

When a user creates an account I expect it to be stored in the users table.

I created an account with a gmail address, got the pin and used it, but no new row was created in the users table in the database.
Nonetheless I was logged in and able to interact with the app, so I updated a value on my profile page and the value remained changed.
I checked the database and that value was changed, instead, for a user row with the email address ‘’ (I got that data when copying a template via appswithoutcode)
I tried this again with a different gmail address and got the exact same results.

Why is it not creating a new user? And why it is updating a row for a user I did not log in as?

Hi @JasonFisher welcome

This will give some context

User profiles always worth understanding

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Nothing in the User Profiles video is new information that sheds light on my particular problem (but thanks for sharing it).

So you don’t see the email at all in Glide and Sheets? Are you on a Pro version so you can collect real emails?


I did also share a the link about email anonymization

This is maybe why you are seeing a different email address in glide

As opposed to

So in this case glide is maybe updating correctly it’s just that it’s changed the email you are seeing.

I figured out that this is because I am using the free version.
Rather than create a new user after the email → PIN → logged in route, it creates or re-uses a fake account for the logged in user.
Probably so free apps can’t add users.

You can add new users on free apps until the cows come home.
You appear to be not understanding the concept of email anonymisation.


Email anonymisation simply gets the real email internally on Glide and shows to you a “fake” one in order to relate columns or whatever you need. But when your user with their real email log in your app, Glide will know which “fake” email is in your app and will run correctly all the functionalities.

Maybe if you try to create more than one user you will be able to see diferent “fake” emails for your users.