What are these @anonymous.appuser.io emails in my spreadsheet?

So I noticed some of my settings had been changed when I saw unknown data in my spreadsheet it was just weird email addresses but clearly I have a problem. I don’t think my computer has been infiltrated because nothing else seems out of place, not to mention I’m using a Chromebook which are hard to hack. HELP

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Hola @JC23

Does that email address look something like this: jovial-vassetl-300@anonymous.appuser.io?

If so, this is the way Glide anonymizes/encrypts emails.

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Yes, it does! So included is a screenshot. I’m getting new lines of mostly empty data added to my sheet. This can’t be correct?

so from the previous pic I get this as a result


Are you signing in on multiple devices or with different emails? Is your app public? Have you shared the url with anybody, or is it easy to guess?

If you have user profiles enabled as well as anonymous emails turned on, it will generate a new row every time a new user signs into the app for the first time with that anonymous email instead of their real email.


You have not been hacked. This is a standard feature of Glide.

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So I have my app set to public with email. I’ve sent the share link to 3 people. I don’t sign in with more than one email address and only on one computer. I will check the anonymous email setting

So I have the following settings. I’m on the free version attempting to validate the processes before I build out to a live version. Could this be the problem?

sorry forgot the screenshot

There’s a very good chance that those extra records are due to you and the three others signing into the app. Just make sure you have user profiles configured correctly, so the new user rows are created in the correct table.

okay, I will. I hadn’t changed anything so I found it odd that this was suddenly happening. I had been signing in to the app a dozen times before this started. So the table that the data was going into was my profiles of our members’ listed profile info.

A user profile row should only be generated once per user, so if you already had a row, it wouldn’t create a new one. The other users would have most likely created the new rows.

So I don’t have a destination for user log in data. I had not gotten that far down the road yet. I’ll need to look up the subject to set that properly

Thanks for the link. I think I may be going about this all wrong. I want to have profiles built from my membership group using data I collect in a google sheet. It needs to be visible to the public so they can search (in app) and locate my members businesses wherever they are in the country. However not “user” profiles. I want to control all of the data. I don’t want to give edit access to anyone but myself and staff members.

I just want to be clear. The problem is that new records were written to one of your tables, correct? And you don’t want records to be automatically written? If that’s the case, then just disassociate user profiles from any table and it will not create new rows when a new user signs in.

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