Changing Emails from Anonymous to Actual

On the free version it’s not an option to have emails display as anything other than anonymous. However, after I switched to the paid version, those email addresses remained anonymous. Is there anyway to update them automatically? Am I stuck with this?

If so, is there anyway to email those users? Thanks in advance for the help. I appreciate it!

I think you’re stuck with it. Somewhere inside Glide I believe they store it to map the actual user to the anonymous email, but we don’t have access to that data.

Can’t be done automatically, but you could add another column to your User Profiles table to store the actual email address, then add an email input somewhere for your users to provide their email addresses.

It would be possible to set it up in such a way that it appears as a “nag screen”, and once a user provides the info it disappears and they never see it again.

Thanks. Yeah, that’s what I figured but if I want to email them to bring them back to the app there’s no way, right? I would have to assume they came back in order for them to update the email address

Yes, I believe you’re correct there.