Changing Emails from Anonymous to Actual

On the free version it’s not an option to have emails display as anything other than anonymous. However, after I switched to the paid version, those email addresses remained anonymous. Is there anyway to update them automatically? Am I stuck with this?

If so, is there anyway to email those users? Thanks in advance for the help. I appreciate it!

I think you’re stuck with it. Somewhere inside Glide I believe they store it to map the actual user to the anonymous email, but we don’t have access to that data.

Can’t be done automatically, but you could add another column to your User Profiles table to store the actual email address, then add an email input somewhere for your users to provide their email addresses.

It would be possible to set it up in such a way that it appears as a “nag screen”, and once a user provides the info it disappears and they never see it again.

Thanks. Yeah, that’s what I figured but if I want to email them to bring them back to the app there’s no way, right? I would have to assume they came back in order for them to update the email address

Yes, I believe you’re correct there.

I had a question about this… I’ve developed an app for a client and am ready to transfer it to their team. It was developed as a free app (because it was only in development and didn’t need any Pro features yet), but the client will be upgrading to a Pro app and will need to collect real email addresses. During development, myself and multiple other users logged in to the app to test it out and, since it was free, the app anonymized the email addresses.

It seems as though (after reading the documentation and the above), that those test users are now stuck with their anonymous emails in the app. It would be great if the Glide Data Editor could take priority here and any changes that are manually made to the User Profiles sheet in the editor are respected going forward — this way, the app developer/administrator could ensure the email addresses are consistent and correct once the app goes Pro.

I think I read another thread where someone got around this by changing the Data Source to a clean version of the same Google Sheets that are used for the app. Before doing that and possibly messing something up, can anyone confirm that this is a process that has been tested and is known to work? I’m thinking that the process could be — transfer the app to client’s team, have client upgrade app to Pro and remove anonymization, make a copy of the underlying sheet, empty the new version of the sheet, change data source in the app. The hope is that new (and previous) users will log in and their real email addresses will be used.

I honestly don’t build a lot of apps for clients, but this seems like something that should work a bit better or be easier to resolve. I don’t think an app should need to start in Pro while it is being developed to mitigate this problem.

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I can confirm that the process mentioned above does NOT work (at least for my app that is using Glide Tables for its User Profiles sheet).

Is there any way to edit a user’s email after the app has been upgraded to Pro?

You would probably have to allow the user to update the email, or set a condition to force them to update before proceeding. No idea how well that works though.

I’d be hesitant about wiping the user sheet. I’m sure there’s some internal tracking on glides part to track if a user is new or not, (especially since you have to also manually delete user specific data as well) so if a record is deleted, I would think it’s possible that it may not regenerate. I have never tested it though.

I’ve contacted Support on this. For my case the app is now completely empty anyway as the testing phase is over and the client wants all the data cleared out so they can start using it fresh. I’m curious how this isn’t a real issue for others… do others upgrade their app to Pro during development and prior to the sale to the client? I don’t sell a lot of apps, but this seems like a frustrating issue that makes the UX itself seem a bit clunky once the sale is completed.

It’s not something I’ve personally had to deal with. I have one Private Pro app that only has a couple of users and doesn’t anonymize emails. Most other cases, I prefer the anonymized email. I’m not in the same situation, so I can’t really give any good advice, but maybe if you are out of the initial development phase and switch to Pro, would it work to duplicate the original app and upgrade the duplicate to Pro with a cleaned out user table? I’m not sure, but I would guess that the hidden user data is not included with the duplicate, so it would be like you are starting fresh.

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Hmm I’ll try the duplicate idea and see if it works next week. Thanks for the suggestion!

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