I don´t know if I can using sign-in user everywhere

Guys! After publishing two apps in free mode using the option to get the email logged in, now in my new 3rd app published (which it´s the same I just update the version while I was learning…) I got a surprise that I have to be PRO in order to continue. So I still don’t know where I have to change or if I need to change all visibility conditions where I use email field equal “sign in user”.

Additionally, I’m getting anonymous e-mails which I already know why.
I guess I need to create an onboarding process and get the email of the user, right? what else?

Pls, any suggestion or tip is welcome. I’m very discouraged and frustrated.
Sorry for this low-energy msg. :frowning:

To get the real user’s email you have to go Pro, can you clarify about the message from Glide that you “have to be Pro in order to conitnue”? Is there a Pro-only settings when you duplicate the app?

Thx so much for your prompt reply.
Everything was pretty good, I mean I could get the emails, testing, learning many things, talking to everybody about Glides, about this community. One day I got a msg that I need to get more rows.
So I decide to pay the next plan $12. Everything kept fine until I realized anonymous e-mails instead of e-mails. Here, I learned that because of this option


But, if I select “collect real user” surpriiiiiise! I have to pay 32$.
So after 3 apps or let´s see same app but 3 different version, when I changed the 3rd to basic (not free) I started to get the anonymous e-mails.

So, my beautiful 3 rd version was developed collecting the e-mails, but now I can´t.

I used in my screen this condition

now I´m trying to understanding what´s change with this restriction.
Thx again

If I understand it right only on a Pro plan you can collect real emails. Seems like you only purchased a Basic one?

Perfect! So that filter like e-mail = sign-in user doesn’t work anymore!!! set columns user e-mail field to “user sign-in” doesn’t work anymore. I have to change all of my app. I’m very disappointed because I tested this 3rd version on a free basic, I need more rows, paid a basic plan and now I can’t the emails.

Now I had to create another e-mail field like email_confirmed because an email field comes with a random one.

I dont know how to create a profile tab like I had, show many important information because filter with sign-user doesnt work.

You can still filter by email is signed-in user. Glide still has a way to know which real email logged in, they just don’t show it to you.

Really? Since I got this news I’m very disappointed and sad and I’m not an expert like u definitely but I guess rapidly, it seems that it was not working, because the signed-in user e-mail is sth like this “sick-oranges-070@anonymous.appuser.io” I will take a look on weekend in my free time, because it´s a social project. Thx so much for your reply.

Like @ThinhDinh said, all features of the app should work the same with anonymous emails. Glide still links the anonymous email to the real email. The only difference is what you see as the developer and what any other users may see if you are displaying those emails in the app. Unless you are trying to send emails, or publicly display all user’s personal email addresses, you should be fine and almost everything else should work the same. I personally think it’s a good security feature to protect your users. I try to use anonymous emails whenever possible because it’s way to easy to obtain a user’s personal details by inspecting the data that’s downloaded to a user’s device.

How old are your apps? If they existed before the change to anonymous emails, then they may have been granted special permission to still get real emails. When you upgraded your plan to a basic plan, then you no longer had that special permission.

Based on David’s post, this mandatory change only applied to new apps. But as I understand it, once you update your plan, you are essentially under a new contract and have to follow the new rules. If you had upgraded to the Basic plan prior to the anonymous email change, then you probably would have been fine. As long as you didn’t need any major changes to your app, Glide allowed you to keep the paid feature for free. Now that you require major changes to keep your app running, you unfortunately need to pay to use them.


Thx so much Jeff. Today, calmer I understood the anonymous function and I not 100% but as u r saying that everything will work, I don’t need to change many things. I created a field e-mail_informed and I will work with both.

I don’t want to back to the topic but I was disappointed with no understand why before I could infringe GDPR and the rules is changed and now I can´t. and my other previous apps keep infringing with a “special permission”. But it´s a rule and I have to follow and I’m working around to adapt what I have.

Thx again for your kindness and help.

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