Anonymous user on our app

I did send the link to one person yesterday. They did not create a profile page but was able to access through the link and give me feedback. Could this be the user if they did not create a profile or any of the user data?

By default now, your app will collect anonymous emails unless you turn that option off in your Settings. Can’t know if that’s the exact user you allowed access but if it’s only one then it must be him/her.


@Paige_L_Martin here is the discussion


Thank you.

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@Rosewebstudio Thank you.

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Your welcome @Paige_L_Martin hope that addresses the concern you had.

so to disable anonymous emails, I now need to upgrade - is that correct?

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Is that correct, in the free plan you can only have them hidden.

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I have really been caught out by this.
My app is only available to a closed group of some 225 agents and I was expecting to see who had accessed and are using the app.
When I checked, a few hours after publishing about 30 had signed in but I was horrified that they were all anonymous. My initial reaction was that Glide was somehow testing, then I found this thread and although it mentioned just switching off this “feature” obviously it has become apparent that you can only switch it off on the paid version.
I fully appreciate that I have been using Glide for free and believe me I love it, but to find this change by accident has caused me quite major problems.
I need to report to my coworkers who is and who is not using this new version of the app and I can’t.
If I were to upgrade, would the user email addresses become visible ?
I thank all of you at Glide for a brilliant system and if I have to now pay to get this feature then so be it.

Under the hood, Glide will still be associating the real email addresses with the anonymous ones. So what you could do is add an email entry component and ask your users to enter their email address again after they have signed in, then store this in another column in your user profiles sheet. This would allow you to match your existing users up.

But ultimately yes, if you want to collect real email addresses at the sign in point, then you need to upgrade.

Many thanks.
So if I turned this app into a paid version, would those addresses be made available?

I’m not 100% sure, but my understanding is that once you upgrade and switch to using real email addresses, then that would only apply to new users. So you’d still have the problem of your existing users to deal with. But given that it isn’t that many, that’s probably manageable?
Obviously the sooner you upgrade the better.


Ok So I have added a new column in the user profile (Glide) sheet and I am asking usuers to add their actual email address…
Problem - in order to see their email address I have to keep switching to inviduals by logging in as them.
Is there a way to see all of the anonymous emails and acrtual email addresses in one view?

That’s because you’re using a User Specific Column.

You need to use a “normal” email column. Unfortunately you can’t change that, so you’d need to add a new column.


Hey thank you - I’ve been hoping that there was a solution - Thanks again

Is this bug fixed? I had problems with my app (pro version): I did nothing than normal, but it switched to " hide user email" by itself. Did you had similar experience?

There was a problem with a Glide update a couple of days ago that caused this to happen for some apps. It’s been fixed, so if you’ve switched it back it should stick now.

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Thanks Darren!

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Hello all, is it possible that this still happens for “public with email” logins? Every month or so it resets to “hide user email addresses”. Annoying but not enough to open a support ticket. I think it is linked to some code release.
But now I’m able to change it back to “collect real email”, and it works, but as soon a I leave the editor and go back it switches back to “hide”. I have a paid version (basic) that existed before this feature.

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@SantiagoPerez :arrow_up:

I thought this was fixed? :thinking: