Problem with email login user

I bought an template from glide.but it doesn’t show the login user email address instead it shows like

What’s wrong with using login as public with email as login option.

There’s a anonymity feature in place. That’s why you get emails that way.

For you to get the real user’s email you have to get the Pro plan.

See here for more info.


I have the same problem. But at the beginning of my project there is no any anonymous e-mail show as logged in
So, another solution should be for this.

(I am not in the pro plan, for now it is free for me )
What is the solution?
Because I tested the glide and I will buy a plan after this. How can I get the pro plan without any testing and impoving

I am having problems with email user login. I want to receive the first name along with the email and I want to integrate with an autoresponder. How can I do both?

You can get a trial of 14 days using these, as far as I aware.

If you want to get something else out of the email, you must construct an onboarding experience for the user to give you more info.

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Thank you. I am trying to follow your instructions.

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