Help with Email Anonymization

I’m trying to fix my onboarding tab. Users are telling me that they cant update the fields like this

but the Glide apps is like this

I really don’t know what´s going on. I change my plan to PRO maybe I change sth that I don’t know.
This user receives the pin, log in and I´d like to get this information.
But even the button shows up!!! What´s wrong?
I guess the use logged with real and the Glide is comparing with anonymization. I don’t know.

The tab options

Any tip?!

My users jump from 300 to 6K! Pls help me!
My Google sheet is thousands with email anonymization only.

Thx and sorry!

So, correct me if I’m wrong but you don’t want your logged-in users access the on boarding pages (again ?) ? Is that correct ?

no, my English is not so clear. What I want is that they fill these fields and disable this tab and enable the others.
but it´s strange because…
_1 I access the url
_2 Insert an email
_3 receive the PIN
_4 shows this screen I pasted but any line in GSheet is added? and the fields are disabled!

I guess it´s happing sth with Glide!

My 3 screen of Glides is blinking 12/05 12AM GMT-3

Probably you are having quite a big app so it takes time to have the new Sheet row synced back to Glide. How many rows do you have?

Hi ThinhDinh ! Yesterday I deleted many many rows with only emails anonymization. now I guess we don’t have too many rows. accept app:logins with 3.400.
I’m gonna try again to add a brand-new user to check, but yesterday nothing happens, I mean logged in but didn’t add a row on user tab and the fields was disabled.
Thx again

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Dam! The same thing!

_1 I access the url of the app
_2 Insert an email
_3 receive the PIN
_4 shows this screen I pasted but any line in GSheet is added? and the fields are disabled!
This onboarding screen was working!
Reviewing the visibility

at the same time why the fields are disabled if the tab showed up?

You are having entry components on that screen right? Those components would still show up but I think technically at that point the row is not ready to be written to.

I guess it´s the way, I mean u r right. maybe it´s happing sth with Gsheet?

u gave me an idea. I checked the script because additionally I noticed that the script was failing

detail of one failure

guys! I guess it´s sth with connect to the source. because I made a test.
I disabled email filter …enable a home tab for anyone, went to profile on the top and the fields are disabled.

I´ve already tested in another mobile. It´s not add a new user!!

Is this a problem for users that had a user profile row that you deleted, or does it also affect users that have never seen or used your app before?

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I got it !! COPY the GS and change the source!

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The problem is back! :(((((((((((((((( it worked temporarly!