User onboarding not working

Hello everyone.
Suddenly I have been facing issues with the onboarding process on glide.
I used to have the sign-in screen first and then a Welcome screen with 3 input fields to fill to complete the profile. I set the filter to this screen to sign-in users and the condition visibility to: User profile > HasProfile > is not > true.

But still, when someone signs in, he can’t see these 3 input fields. He access to the Welcome screen correctly, but without the 3 input fields (name, surname and phone). I don’t know why. Am I missing something?

thank you in advance

Where do you store your database? Is there a chance the row is not immediately available for the user to fill in?

Hi @ThinhDinh
The database is on airtable. Actually when a new user signs-in I can’t see his email on the database, even on glide. It’s like glide is not saving the email on the database. How is it possible? And also, on the settings panel I’ve set “Collect real user email address”.

I don’t know what’s wrong. Any clue?

Can you show us screen shots of your User Profiles configuration and your Users Table (from Glide) please? (ie. as below)

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Yes of course. I’ve blurred some emails just for privacy. The others seems to be dummy.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The one thing that stands out to me is that your Image column is configured as a URL column type.
I’m not certain, but it is possible that this is breaking your User Profiles configuration.

Can you try changing that to an Image type?

I’ve done it @Darren_Murphy . Nothing changes. Actually I’ve a doubt. Is there any chance that is linked to the plan?
Because I see that I’ve the pro Plan installed, but actually on the screen I’ve sent you previously it says “Upgrade to Pro” as I’m not already on a Pro Plan.

See the attachments.

How can I fix this ?

Schermata 2023-05-18 alle 11.51.20

You are on one of the old App based pricing plans. To move to a new Team based plan, you would need to do the following:

  • Create a new Team, and purchase the Plan that you need (see the Pricing Page)
  • Cancel the Plan on your existing App. You can do that via Settings → Billing.
  • Transfer your App to your new Team Plan. You can do that via the main dashboard - hover over the App icon and click on the 3 dots.

@Darren_Murphy Actually this is an app I’ve made months ago for a client. So do I have to upgrade our Agency account into a Pro Plan for Business account and there will be no need to add a Pro plan for the single project? Is that correct?

Or should I create an account for the client and use an Individual Plan?

Thank you in advance.

That’s really up to you. It depends whether you want to keep control of the App, or hand it over to the client. Personally, I always ask my clients to create their own Glide subscriptions, and I build Apps for them in their team.

If you do keep it in your own Team, then yes it will be covered by your team subscription. You should be aware though that it will impact your monthly update quota.

Mmmm ok so in the case I had to create an account for the client (just to be sure that he is the one paying for his app) which plan do you suggest to make him purchase? Can the starter be good for the issue I’ve mentioned before? @Darren_Murphy

Sorry, I can’t answer that question. What you should do is compare the features and quotas available in each Plan, and choose the one that best suits the App.

Ok. Instead, when you say “You should be aware though that it will impact your monthly update quota” what do you mean? How having the app of the client on our Agency’s account impact the quota? Wouldn’t it be $99 dollars per month anyway? @Darren_Murphy

Thank you for the patience.

The old plans came with unlimited updates. That was not a sustainable business model for Glide, so they had to introduce some changes with the new pricing plans.

Have a read of the below to understand more:

@federica Let’s not get to far off track here. I don’t think the original problem has anything to do with the current plan, so let’s not try to fix the wrong problem and end up doing something you regret and can’t undo. Make sure you fully understand the new plans and how they are different before making any changes. You can’t go back to an old legacy plan once you move away from it. Either way, it has nothing to do with your original issue.

I don’t use Airtable, but if I recall it’s a little slow to update, so the new user row may not be adding quickly enough, and may not exist yet when you present the onboarding screen. Does the user profile table have to be linked to Airtable, or can you use a Glide table for the user profiles?


Hi @Jeff_Hager
as I’m not an expert I was hoping to have an answer from you guys.
That’s why I was just guessing that was something plan related. Any how, do you have any idea of why these records with the new clients emails are not created on the glideapp database when they sign in?

I’m pretty sure I’ve read a handful of posts where records added to an Airtable table can take much longer to appear. I don’t know why and I don’t have any experience using Airtable, so I can’t provide much help there.

Just a couple related posts. I’m sure there is more. Maybe someone with Airtable experience can chime in.

As I’ve mentioned I’m having issues seeing these rows created even on GLIDE’s database, as I’ve showed on the second screenshot. So I guess it’s not something Airtable related. @Jeff_Hager

Do they show up in Airtable? Do they eventually show up in Glide after a few minutes? :man_shrugging:

No, neither. :frowning: @Jeff_Hager