First time sign-in emails

When a user signs in for the first time, their email address is not stored to my Airtable base.

Doesn’t work with Google login and doesn’t work with normal login.

How can I save the logged in email to my Airtable base?

Can you share how you have user profiles configured in your app?

My profiles are configured to match my Clients table in Airtable.

The Airtable contains a “Name” field which is a single line text field where I store the email.

Then I also have some additional fields for first name, last name, company name and location.

All of those fields sync when a sign up happens. The “name” doesn’t.

The Email and Image column types are incorrect.

The Email column should be an Email type, and the Image column should be an Image type. You can change these in the Glide Data Editor by double-clicking on the column headers.


What column type is this? If it’s not a basic column, then that may be a problem too.


It’s not mapping to that column, it’s mapping to the “Name” column which is a single line text column.

Got it! - Didn’t work either. Updated it in Airtable and Glide.

You’re mapping Name to the Full Name column, which has that symbol, so I was just curious. Maybe it’s an Airtable thing??? I don’t use airtable, so I don’t know.

As for your Email (Name) column and Image (Profile Image) column, you did change the column types to email and image respectively?

For some reason the only field that is not matching up is Email and yes, I have updated them all. Not exactly sure what I am getting wrong here.

Can you give another screen shot of your updated User Profiles configuration please?
And also a screen shot from the Glide Data Editor that shows the associated column headings.

Sorry, can’t screenshot the entire database because I can’t sort or filter from the data editor

That’s fine, all I needed to see is the column headings.

So with that setup - which looks fine now on the Glide side - what happens when a new user signs in?
Their email address shows up in the Glide table, but not in AirTable - is that correct?

Doesn’t show up in Glide or Airtable

But when I update my profile as that logged in user, all of the updated fields populate except for the email field.

Doesn’t show up in Glide?!

Can I see your Privacy settings? (Settings → Privacy)

Also, just want to be sure we’re on the same page when referring to a User signing in to your app.
What I mean is - you have published your app, and a User opens your app in a browser and signs in.
That’s what we’re talking about, yes?

Correct. It’s on a published app with a custom domain.

When I search for the email I used to sign up.
CleanShot 2022-09-12 at 09.07.51@2x

But for some strange reason, whenever I update the profile via Glide, it appears in my airtable base like this:

Okay, well I’m a bit stumped - especially at the fact that nothing shows up in your User Profiles table when a user signs in. I can’t see anything in what you’ve shared that would explain that. But @Jeff_Hager has an eagle eye, so maybe he’ll spot something that I’ve missed.

I’m not an AirTable user, so I’m not familiar with that side of it, or any of the nuances with Glide->AirTable integration. So perhaps there’s something going on there that I can’t see.

Sorry I can’t be more help.

No worries. I might actually try and see if the issue is with the primary field not being able to be computed by Glide. I’ll report back if that fixes it.

Doesn’t work either.

Now I am finally realizing that you are showing screenshots from airtable. That was not clear to me and that’s why I specifically asked what the Fx columns were. I still see that you are mapping Name to Full Name. Is Full Name a value that is computed in airtable?

I think you are potentially running into few issues here:

  • First, your user profile configuration must point to basic columns that hold actual values. They can’t be computed columns or formula columns. I feel like that may or may not be preventing a row from automatically generating when a user signs in. I’m not entirely sure, but I would definitely start there to at least eliminate that as a potential issue.
  • Second, I’m guessing your onboarding process is just showing an unfiltered screen, so it’s connecting to the first row and whatever data you update is just updating that first row. If the screen was properly filtered, then you wouldn’t be able to update anything since you don’t have an existing row that matches the email of the signed in user.
  • Third, have you ever deleted a user row? Glide tracks users internally, so it’s possible that it’s seeing your email as an existing user and won’t generate a new user row. I would delete user data to make sure you are starting fresh. Delete User Data
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Hi @Connor_Finlayson, I’m from code meets no code.
I’m also using airtable for my glide projects and it seems like that when a new user signs in, the email address is not transferred to Glide or Airtable WHEN you have the User Profile connected to airtable. Once you connect it to a Glide database it will work.
@david could you guys check this?

So what you can do is connect the User profile to a Glide table, and when a new user (row) is created in the Glide User database, you can create a new record in airtable with Make/Webhook or with Zapier. Alternatively, you can also connect your airtable user database (in your case it’s the client db) to Glide and create a custom action within glide to create a new record in airtable when a new user signs in.

BUT the issue with both method is when a user updates his/her profile data (like name or email).
I was not able to figure out a way to update existing Airtable records from a Glide Table, since I couldn’t match it to an airtable record.
You’re way better using Airtable and automation tools so you might find a way to do that.
(please let me know if you figure it out :slight_smile: )