Glide app doesn't record proper user who created data entries in Airtable base

Describe the bug:

  • We have a glide app for Airtable CRM base.
  • It’s used to create sales notes and updates for reps in the field and entering info about visits on the fly on their phones
  • About 60% of the time, it records the wrong user who created the entry. Some days it’s the right user, other days it’s not. It seems completely random
  • I already refreshed and reconnected Airtable with new PAT and updated everything, but it’s still happening.
  • For ex: Max will make entry on Glide app, but it will show up as Bob in Glide and also in airtable. Even when checking profile name in the app while using it, it shows the right user, but then records it as a random other user. It makes no sense at all.

Expected behavior:

  • It should show the proper user who created the entry in the glide app as well as airtable.

How to replicate:

  • We have three users in Airtable, and three users in Glide. All emails are matching, in the sense that they’re all matching respective users in each platform.

So you’re having a form and record the signed-in user’s email?

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Yes it’s a form, and in the airtable table there’s a field for “created by” to essentially log who submitted the form entry. It’s accurate sometimes, but it’s unreliable. No idea why it’s doing it, and it’s breaking our whole new system. Painful…

Yes, but are you actually correctly passing the Users Email with the form submission?
Can you show a screen shot of the Form configuration in Glide please, with the components list visible?

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No but I did something similar as a first workaround. Made a field for reps to pick their name for each entry but it’s just more clicks and feels ridiculous for each visit, so I turned it off. I would do anything to make it just work as is, especially since it does sometimes already! Just has no rhyme or reason right now.

See form attached.

No, that’s not the way to do it.
When you are building your form screen, add a component from the “Values from User Profile” group, and select the Email column.

CleanShot 2023-09-08 at 12.19.48

This value will automatically be submitted with the form, and will always be the email address of the signed in user.


Ok it worked!!! Thank you so freaking much!! I had to add a new single line text field in Airtable and mapped it to that. Thank you!

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