Airtable’s “created by” auto filling


I’ve been trying to create a two-sided booking app using glide, but one major problem I keep running into is making a booker’s email autofill into the “created by” column in airtable.

As I believe this would help identify bookings to the specific senders and auto assign to the receiver of the booking.

Thanks for your help in advance!

I’m not familiar with Airtable. Is the “created by” column synced to Glide as a normal column and you can write to that column, or not?

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I found a solution around what I was trying to do.
There was no need to set up an airtable automation, so I used the actions setup flow:

(User interaction → Set column Values [in a new column I named ‘created by’] → use user profile email)

This helps creates the reference that it is the logged in user that created the said row in the table!

Thank you for trying to help out.

Just be aware that this method is known to be unreliable. The issue is that every now and then the Set Column Values action will fire before the new row has been added, and so it will fail.
A much more reliable approach is to pass the signed in users email as a special value with the form.


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