Sync data from Glide to Airtable

How can i sync data from Glide to Airtable, i there a hack ? Can i use Zapier to do this ?
Anyone has a template to share ?
Thank you

If you connect your airtable to your glide app, then you can directly read and write date to and from the airtable table.

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i mean when i create a user specific column, how can i sync it from Glide to Airtable

I don’t think you can as those columns are specific to glide.
Also I would seriously consider using Airtable with glide only if absolutely necessary and as sparingly as possible.

I absolutely love Airtable, my wife always jokes about my habit to make everything into a problem that can be fixed in Airtable. However I’m starting to seriously love Glide aswell.

I started out trying to leverage Airtable with Glide, however I pretty quickly found that it’s far from ideal as you end up trying to make hacks and workaround in Airtable and alot of double work to continue to use the feature that makes Airtable so ideal.

I now only use Airtable with glide only when absolutely necessary as what makes Airtable so powerful is difficult to take advantage of in Glide and vice versa. One case in point is the User Specific columns.